A Time To Keep

Grammy Cherie's Story

by Cherie Goren

Table of Contents

Forward, Dedications, and Aknowlegdments
My School Years
Liner Notes


A time to seek, and a time to lose;
A time to keep, and a time to cast away
"6" Ecclesiastes


This story is dedicated to the memory of my parents, Leo Fleischman and Judith Golden Fleischman,
And to my grandchildren, Leah & Naomi Goren, and Julie Goren Heffler.


Editors: Max Heffler
  Eileen Brown
Publisher: Cherie Goren
  40 Old Lancaster Road #407
  Merion Station, PA 19066
  Phone: 610 664-8036
  FAX: 610/664-4619
Copyright September 1999

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Moses and Kende Golden, children:
Leo, Nahnny, Natan and Lena - 1900
Judith Golden - 1907
Leo Fleischmann and his mother Ella - 1910 Moses Golden and son Leo - 1910
Judith Golden engagement picture - 1920 David and Rebeka Golden - 1916
Fanny, Mama, Tutti - 1927 Fanny, Tutti, Gisa - 1929
Party when Butzer was born - 1931 Aunt Rachel's Visit - 1934
Papa - 1935 Karlsbad - 1936
"BETAR", Memel - 1934 Bar-Kochbar - 1936
Tutti's School Trip - 1937 Cousin Bubi and Tutti - 1938
My "Kranzchen" friends - 1938 Tutti & Butzer - 1935
Harbour of Memel - 1992 Going to Schwartzort
Behind the dunes Behind the dunes
The Baltic Sea! Schwartzort Pier
Schwartzort Fishing Village A guest house in Schwatrzort
Through the forest to the sea Former Jewish School - 1993
Riga - 1936 Mama's Passport
Fanny's Passport Jewish Cemetery, Memel - 1993

Liner Notes

This is a story of life in the '3O's in Memel, Lithuania and of our family's immigration to the United States.
This account relates our journey through pre-war Europe capturing the pathos and humor of our travels, and finally adjustment to America in 1939.

Author, Cherie Goren now residing in Merion, PA

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